Meet Dr. John Weaver

A native of Lexington, KY, Dr. John Weaver received his DMD degree from University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. Dr. Weaver’s family exposed him to medicine, so he long wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon. After shadowing in both medicine and dentistry, he had no doubts that dentistry was the right path for him.

Dr. Weaver has a commitment to continuing education in an effort to provide the best treatment possible. He emphasizes preventative dentistry to his patients, including routine exams and maintenance. As a visual aid for the state of your oral health, Dr. Weaver uses intraoral cameras show the digital images as he presents patients with different treatment options, including the benefits and limitations of each. He will involve you in the treatment planning process to ensure the best outcome possible. Dr. Weaver’s goal is to develop relationships with his patients based on trust and transparency.

Dr. Weaver enjoys the outdoors and family walks. He is an avid golfer and often takes that time as well to enjoy long nature walks.